The Endgame Content of Blade & Soul

  • I get that we may not be able to test all the content that we will have at head start/release, but what's more worrying to me is if they only launch with the big four blue dungeons.

    They are only easy pre-requisite dungeons to unlock Poh really and were not originally meant to be "end game" content.

    They tried that in the china version (big 4 were end game at first) and so many people quit after a short while due to lack of content and those dungeons being so easy, it really didn't go down well at all.

    In other regions such as TW they at least had Poh which was more than enough end game content for release and kept people busy for some time.

    I just hope they at least add Poh fairly soon after launch if they insist on taking this route, otherwise I'm afraid people will get bored of the big four super quick if that's all there is at release.

    Don't get me wrong as I'm not QQing for more content in beta or release just because I'm one of those veteran players, in fact I actually really enjoyed the 45 cap in other regions and hope to play it for BNS Gold while before they add the level 50 stuff, I'm just saying from my experience in other regions I think people will eat up the content very quickly and those 4 dungeons as end game will not keep people playing for long.

    After the announcement of the release date yesterday they also stated they will launch with Blackram Supply Chain, and E. Fleet Supply Chain.

    Know in other regions as SSB or Poh, and BSH which both have 24 man open instance versions with a lot of dailies, plus 6 and 4 man versions.

    We will also need a lot of gear from both of these (24 and 6 man) for weapon and accessory upgrades, plus these instances are where you get your first bracelet and belt from.

    So these will keep us going and busy for a little while and after a few months they will later give us Mushin's Tower (probably to floor 7, if not 8) and Spiral Labyrinth 6 and 4 man.

    Overall I'm pretty pleased as they are launching with slightly more than I thought they would (BSH) which is great news in my book.

    They also stated "A regular cadence of content updates and patches are planned and in-progress, and we’ll have more information on upcoming content soon after release"
    so seems they will follow other regions like TW with new content being added fairly often.